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Being the tip of the Spear, for we lead the industry.

Headquartered in Fort Collins, we are striving to expand to all corners of Colorado. Currently we have brought our high quality of safety and professionalism over the state, from Pueblo to Fort Collins. Our firm specializes in Protective services such as armed guard, and advanced investigation techniques. Whether you looking to protect the safety of those around you, to suspecting your partner of cheating. We creative solution the most important problems vexing you today.

Our staff has been working to bring the highest quality work that this industry demands. Meeting every goal and standard set forth. Using technology to help establish better surveillance techniques. All members of SpearPoint Security are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality of professionalism that you can expect.

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Areas of Practice

Security Consultant

Giving solutions and guidance to those that require a solution to an unusual issue. Advising on issues that require the upmost importance and experience.

Process Server

We guarantee the process and delivery if sensitive documentation. From Subpoenas , Divorce papers, Certified mail, Wage garnishments and many more. We offer the piece of mind that all sensitive material is handled with the utmost importance and safety.

Private investigation

Cheating spouses, child custody, workers comp these are the fundamentals to the PI world. We offers many services to better provide a peace of mind, and potentially save you money.

Armed/ Unarmed guard

SpearPoint offers the highest qualified armed and unarmed guard professionals. Through a rigorous vetting process we only hire the best of the best. Satisfying our clients that their safety is our number one concern at all times. We offer an array of armed guard support to fit anyone needs. Allowing for flexibility to keep you safe.


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